Quilt Supply Co. Is...

A Girl Taking a Chance

Melissa adores fabric. She always has.  She began sewing when her babies were babies, and loved making things for them to use and wear.  Eventually, her kinship with sewing led her to quilting, and it was love at first stitch!  She loves the mix of beautiful prints and colors, the satisfaction of points that match up perfectly, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with a finished quilt.  She opened Quilt Supply Co. hoping to make a career out of something she loves.  She works at it every day, little by little (block by block), trying hard to make something great.

A Family Working Together

Quilt Supply Co. is a family owned and operated business. Our twelve year old son, Nash,  was hired early on as our amazing IT guy.  With his help, and belief in his mom, we designed our dream and set up shop! The whole family continues to help and do their part to keep things running.

A Business Gaining Ground

We believe that doing what's right is good for life, and good for business!  We appreciate our customer so very much, and do our absolute best to take care of them. We buy quality products we are excited to use ourselves, and are working hard to increase our selections to our customers. For us, quilting is an inspiration, a goal, a great time, a relief, a friend, and a delight....Let us supply that for you!